Protection Against the Unknown

Hire a professional home inspection company in Clifton Park, Troy & Saratoga Springs, NY

You should never have to second-guess the integrity of your home. Get the added assurance you need from Northeast Home Inspection & Mold Assessment Svcs. We provide thorough home inspection services in Clifton Park, Troy & Saratoga Springs, NY and the surrounding community.

Our home inspector will assess your building from top to bottom and provide you with a report of any red flags we come across. We'll go over the report with you so you have a complete understanding of what's going on in and around your property.

Speak with a professional today to schedule your full home inspection.

Uncover potential dangers in your home

Uncover potential dangers in your home

Before you close on a new property, make sure you're making a sound investment. Our home inspection company will assess everything inside and outside of your home or office building, including:

  • Interior
    Plumbing | Electrical | HVAC | Fireplace | Appliances
  • Exterior
    Gutters and siding | Doors and windows | Garage | Yard drainage
  • Structural
    Roof | Foundation | Basement/crawl space | Attic | Drywall

We'll even check for radon, mold and signs of pest infestations. Call 518-858-9178 to schedule our home inspection services today.